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We Want Brittney Griner Back, Now

WNBA players have never worked just one job. For the women hoping to capitalize on dwindling financial opportunities, they take up a second gig playing overseas in international leagues to make up for paltry league salaries. For those hoping to balance a career and motherhood, a third as a parent and emotional laborer in between practice, travel, and games. For those looking to bolster the argument for league expansion and champion the case for pay equity in women’s sports, putting each generation of new players on their shoulders, a fourth as an activist and equal rights leader.

Now, as the WNBA enters the third week of its 26th season and the NBA continues into its postseason quest for manhood and greatness, yet another job waltzes to the front of the line: demanding Brittney Griner’s safe return. On the 88th day of Phoenix Mercury forward and Olympic medalist Griner’s detainment in Russia, it’s become increasingly clear that neither our politicians nor our big-bucks corporate shills have made any significant headway in bringing Griner safely home.

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